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2012-01-11 13:01:52

calcium ingredient in some antacids. The shell makes up 9-12 percent of

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2012-01-11 13:02:47

contains niacin (vitamin B3), riboflavin (vitamin B2), chlorine, magnes

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About Us

About Us

Al Waha has been in the egg processing industry for a long time now. We have built a good reputation in the food processing and cosmetics industry because of the wide range of high quality products we offer.

Al Waha Egg Products brings a high degree of professionalism to the job and we are therefore able to satisfy our customers who rely on us to provide them with egg based ingredients for their manufacturing processes.

We source our eggs from the most reliable producers spread over a wide geographical area, thereby ensuring that we always satisfy the needs of our customers who rely on easy availability of our products in order to keep their production steady. We have invested in a superior production facility that has the latest equipment.

Al Waha Egg Products is managed by a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals who have an excellent track record in managing businesses.  We place a lot of emphasis on product development and customer service. Our customer representatives ensure that they have a good idea of clients’ requirements and help us devise products accordingly.

You know that you have high quality ingredients when you buy any egg product from Al Waha.